Twisted Steps

Copper Stairs is a detail developed during the project "Balljoint" being the main staircase in the circulatory void towards the auditorium-ball. The detail takes on the concept of twisting and interlocking each rise into each other, combined with an experiment of exploring different fabrication techniques and materials. 


Although being developed in half-scale, the materials and techniques were kept as original as possible. The principle of the aluminum acting as both a riser and a thread made fabrication complicated in terms of tolerances and finishes. They are cast, solid aluminum made from separate PLA 3D printed molds. After the casting and cooling process, they were welded together before grinding and sanding with finer grit sandpaper to maintain a fine but textured surface-finish. 

Category: Detailing, Aluminium, Production, Full Scale, Structure, Copper, Casting


Year: 2018

Type: Stair Detail, 

Status: Finished, unbuilt