Tattooing with Robots

Tattoo-Robot explored different possibilities to utilize the use of robots with its extreme precision and flexibility of programming it to achieve a specific output that could potentially be mass produced/reproduced. This is particularly useful in terms of architectural technologies, (although not directly related to architecture) because it unlocks automation, flexibility, and precision.


The designs of the tattoos are inspired by Dr. Woo, an LA-based world famous tattoo-artist that specializes in single-needle-tattoos. These designs are difficult to achieve by humans as they require very steady hands and years of practice, making them ideal for an experiment for a digital to physical output using a 6-axis industrial robot. 


One of the designs were picked up Black FIG, a cafeteria at SCI-arc and later turned into their new logo. 

Category: Tattoo, Robotics, Branding, 6-axis, Experimental, Coding, Machine-learning


Year: 2017


Type: Logo

Status: Finished