SCI-Arc extension - Design Development

Design Development Ex. was part of a class at SCI-Arc where a previous Studio project was chosen, then developed into detail. It proves that almost no design is impossible to achieve in terms of Structure, HVAC, Detailing, Egress, ADA and price. 


The project is a proposal for an extension of SCI-Arc, California, combined with a mixed-used residential tower. A series of corner details were highlighted to understand the system of the building and improve its design-concept. 


There were a lot of challenges resolving the building, as building systems and structures were not taken into consideration during the initial design process. Although proven to be possible, at EDLK we strive to integrate these systems in the early design-process without being limited by them, pushing the boundary of what technology allows us to achieve:


Given the nature of the design process, with the greatest impact on the system design achieved in the initial phase and potential for design influence that then exponentially decays over the duration of the project, the described approach should be adopted from the initial design stage. (Konis and Selkowitz, 2017). Looking at existing designs, it remains important to integrate technologies that are specific to the project in terms of materials and assembly, performance and architectural intent.


The performance of an envelope or structural system is another critical element which underpins the whole design, a successful building system cannot be achieved without consideration of the performance aspects from the beginning of the design. The envelope has the function of providing weather resistance for the building structure and internal space, it is the interface between the internal and external spaces of the building. This system must function at a high level to be structurally stable and create the desired internal environment while minimizing the energy consumption of services. (Andrew Watts, 2019)

Category: Detailing, Glazing, Steel, Production, Post Development, Structure, Analysis

Year: 2018

Type: Design Development

Status: Finished, unbuilt