First of all, thank you for visiting our new website and exploring the work of Studio EDLK!

On this blog/news page we will share thoughts, stories, news, job openings among others. As we are celebrating two years, we have experienced a great variety of work ranging from industrial design concepts, cabin designs and residential architecture. We will therefore take the opportunity to share what's currently happening at Studio EDLK.

Currently, most of our work are tailored to clients needs, meaning we provide the necessary drawings for approval given the brief of each project. However, this means that once the project has been completed, the final representation of the work is often stripped from its atmospheric intent. As a response to this, we are currently exploring new techniques and software that taps into live ray-tracing, still renders, animation, motion graphics and other advanced representation methods with the aim of elevating visuals and stories for the non-architect to explore.

We are also ramping up our residential project located in Ålesund, Norway, surrounded by mountains and fjords. The schematic design is almost completed and we are currently preparing drawings for approval with the local government as the site is located within a regulated area. Stay tuned for upcoming renders!

Last week, we received news that our boat design is currently being prototyped and undergoing tests with engineers for optimal performance. We have not yet seen the final result, but we will share news as soon as we have further updates.

As the fall is coming up, we aim to participate in competitions and keep exploring new, exciting techniques of creativity. We also hope to land more client based projects and are currently open to new inquiries. Drop us a message here and let's have a chat!

Have a fantastic day, everyone!