Loose Inlays - Taiwan

Balljoint was a project that was developed by looking closely on a set of detailed relationship involving interconnecting/interlocking parts such as a balljoint, Japanese joinery, engine parts etc. The idea is to mine these kinds of relationships for their potential to be transferred conceptually and formally across scales. Their function is obviously form-dependent which allows a formalist expression of an architectural program. 


The project explored active inlay as a concept through an exploration of detailing techniques. A balljoint was used to shift an object inside a host which then was later detailed to an architectural scale. The combined object and host was then introduced to a site, acting as a new host for the combined object of active inlays. 


The scaling of specific details are not limited to a small scale but can be acted upon to achieve unique spatial qualities that redefine what an architectural detail might be.

At first, a sculptural form was developed with the balljoint hidden inside the mass of the host. The white mass, acting as the host captured the copper object inside of itself, merging it into an individual object. This combined object was then later translated into a site (introduced as a new interlocking host) achieving an architectural scale of a detailed relationship. 

Category: Inlay, Detailing, Translation, Copper, Rotation

Year: 2018

Type: Museum Concept

Status: Finished, unbuilt