Dodgers Loop - Los Angeles, CA

Dodgers loop was a project developed in Willy Müller's Studio: X-Urban. Surrounding the Dodgers Stadium in LA, California, the “Dodgers Loop” is an experimental proposal towards an urban proposal for pedestrians in the city of Los Angeles. The project addresses the traditional city grid as it focuses on fluidity through external and internal spatial programming. The idea of activating the empty parking lot takes a new approach when the concept of today's transportation-methods is removed from the object of design.


The building is to merge with other buildings, creating a fluid small city around the Dodgers stadium where the area becomes more than just a sporting event. The partial chunk of the urban proposal stretches under, over and inside its landscape, not suggesting a particular space of programming but rather a liberal concept where the traditional architectural elements merge into each other. 


As a building which is off the city grid, it also questions the entrance towards a large scale-event-structure, such as a stadium. It is no secret that keeping a stadium alive when there is no event is a tricky problem to deal with due to the requirement of hosting a significant amount of people for a specific period of time. This project, however, takes a stand upon expanding the boundaries of the stadium towards the urban fabric in order to remain relevant and vibrant during "off events" as well as during events.

Category: Stadium, Dodgers, Urbanism, Fluidity, Parametric

Year: 2017

Type: Speculative Concept, Miniaturistic urbanism

Status: Finished, unbuilt