Contemporary Stoa

The contemporary Stoa is a project located in Athens, Greece, specifically in the ancient agora. The concept was developed from the historically vibrant site, that is currently being excavated by the American school of classical studies. Historically preservation and excavation remain important to the world heritage, but the excavation has had a major impact on the current citizen of Athens. When the agora was discovered, the current tenants living on the land were forced to move in order for the excavation to take place. As the old ruins are located, they remain available for the public to observe, but it lacks interaction and communication with the current population of Athens. 


This project doesn't take a stand whether excavating is good or bad but rather focuses on amplifying what has been discovered, breathing new life into what was once a vibrant, cultural community. 


Stoa Poikile was originally part of the ancient agora as a cultural space where artists and performers came to entertain the public. Breathing new life into what has been historically a vibrant space, while retaining the history of what was once there remains important today as it questions the importance of being delicate with architectural concepts while achieving bold and contemporary projects at the same time.

Category: Performance space, Agora, Old, Athens, Preserve,

Year: 2016

Type: Performance, Agora

Status: Finished, unbuilt